4th Edition Math Keys 1073-1084 Update

Score Key changes to the new 4th edition Math Paces. This update effect the 4 Keys covering Paces 1073 to 1084.

4th Ed Maths Keys 1073-1084 Update


4th Edition Math Keys 1073-1084 Update — 2 Comments

  1. I have recently completed teaching my children and am wishing to sell my score keys. I have purchased them over the last 15 years and have from year 1 to year 12.What I was wondering is if you would please be able to inform me of which ones may be out of date due to changes. Thank you, Kay

    • Dear Kay,
      The most recent changes have been the 4th edition updates, these can be easily checked by by visiting our 4th Edition and National Paces page. Anyone using 2nd hand score keys should be checking these pages prior to ordering in case they need to order new keys. It would also be a good idea to order “Pace and Score Key Changes” this book lists many corrections to paces and keys.


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