A.C.E. Bible Reading PACEs 1049-1063 now available.

A.C.E. Bible Reading reinforces reading skills and whets the child’s appetite for God’s Word. Each grade level of this series contains 12 PACEs that concentrate on reading the Bible and comprehending many of its principles.

In Level 1 a specific feature of the ABCs with Ace and Christi learning-to read program is the character-building Bible stories. A.C.E. Bible Reading Level 1 PACEs feature vividly colored pictures to be used in conjunction with these Bible stories. A variety of activities gives attention to development of the fine motor muscles, hand-eye coordination, and visual discrimination.

In Level 2 the student reads the Book of John. As he reads he is also expected to answer questions about God’s Word. In addition, he learns the books of the New Testament in order. Various character traits dealing with relationships with God and others are emphasized also.

In Level 3 the child becomes familiar with the Book of Matthew while learning the books of the Old Testament in order. There is constant review of the Old Testament books and practice in recognizing them.

In Level 4 the Books of Mark and Luke are read. The student continues studying the books of the Old Testament in sections: Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, and Minor Prophets. He continues answering questions about the Bible while learning more of its great character traits.

In Level 5 the student reads and answers questions from the Books of Genesis, Exodus, and Acts and from the first thirty-four chapters of the Book of Psalms. He reviews the books of the Bible and he learns Bible names, interesting facts about places, cultures, and unusual Bible characters. The student gains tips for memorizing, meditating on, and personalizing Scripture.

In Level 6 the student reads and answers questions from the Books of Romans, Psalms and Numbers. The first three PACEs are now available with the remainder of Level 6 expected early to mid 2017.

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A.C.E. Bible Reading PACEs 1049-1063 now available. — 2 Comments

  1. I read the flyer with excitement as my younger children have loved doing the course and were wanting to continue doing it. However, when I tried to order them I was told they are not available. Is it that there were none in stock or they don’t exist yet?

    I would be very happy to purchase them for our home education.

    Kind regards,

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