New, Updated and Re-released Products

Bible Reading Level 6

The first Quarter of the new 4th edition Bible Reading Level 6 is now available plus the matching Score Key 1061-1063. The remainder are on schedule to be printed and released between now and February 2017.

Science Journals  1001-1096 (Available again)

The Science Journals are designed to be used in conjunction with the Science PACEs, providing a measurable and practical application for the concepts learned.

Rosetta Stone licenses

Web-based language learning program with a choice of up to 30 languages available

New batch available. Quantity discount applies when licenses are acquired simultaneously. 

$97.00 each (inc tax) or $88.18 (ex tax) for 1 to 2 licenses

$92.50 each (inc Tax) or $84.09 (ex tax) for 3 to 4 licenses

$88.00 each (inc tax) or $80.00 (ex tax) for 5 or more licenses 

To order via the SCEE website:

Origins & Science Course

This is an revised senior level Science course

Christian World View course

Senior level course focusing on a Biblical perspective of the World

Readmaster: $80 license for 12 months (multi-user license) 931515

Web-based Reading enhancement (Levels 1-12) including Math Builder, Word Builder and Typemaster

To order, click on the following link and install the program:

Then request an unlock code from SCEE.

ABCs for English Reader’s Kit 060255 $ $475.00

This kit incorporates “Speaking English with Ace and Christi” and “ABCs with Ace and Christi”. It is a 30-36 week program allows students to learn to speak and read English with enough comprehension to begin working first level English PACEs by week 19. Combining the two programs makes it user friendly with just one continuous set of manuals.

FIRST LEVEL SET (ABCs) KIT 010676 $520.00

This kit incorporates the traditional ABCs learning to read program with the entire Level One PACE component. It represents a saving on purchasing the parts individually.

Encyclopaedia of Bible Truths  006520ACSI $60.00 for a set of 4

Biblical Foundations for Social Studies; Science/Mathematics; Fine Arts/Health; Language Arts/English.

Score Key Changes PC

Summary of the most recent Score Key changes in the US based curriculum.

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