New Testament Church History Research Extension Projects

The purpose of the unit is to raise the academic rigour of current New Testament Church History course. This would allow it to be submitted for consideration as a Level 3 course in NZ and be recognised for Academic Rigour on the Year 12 Academic certificate.  The unit is aimed at students in their final year(s) of schooling, with particular emphasis on students who are considering pursuing further tertiary studies. The extension projects are aligned to and used with the 12 New Testament Church History PACEs (121-132). 

We recommend you issue the research extension with the first PACE of the grouping (ie. 121, 124, 127, and 130) and the student must complete and hand in the project before sitting the PACE test of the final PACE in each grouping (ie. 123, 126, 129, 132).

Project 1 asks the students to consider the historical evidence for Christ’s existence and to present their findings as either a research project or a formal essay. Project 2 requires the student to investigate the relationship between persecution and the growth of the early church and present their conclusions in either a non-linear powerpoint or as an oral presentation. Project 3 allows the student to choose one significant Christian leader from the pre-Reformation, Reformation, or post-Reformation era and explain their contribution to Christianity as either a formal research project or a Powerpoint (either linear or non-linear). Project 4 requires the student to compare Christianity with a significant worldview (Islam, Communism, Secular Humanism, Hinduism) and evaluate how each worldview provides meaning and purpose, presenting their conclusion as an essay, a research project or as a Powerpoint (either linear or non-linear). 

Students may also want to consider their Student Convention events as they plan this course. Each research extension task has been aligned to Student Convention requirements. Please check the specific guidelines of the relevant event before starting the research extension project if you intend to submit your finished work at a Student Convention. 

Students may need to complete a short course in basic research skills before starting their NTCH Research Extension projects. We would recommend the JSTOR Research Basics course. It has 3 modules covering Effective Searching, Establishing Credibility, and Citing Scholarly Work. It is self-paced and a free resource offered by JSTOR.

The research tasks and conditions have been informed by the following state and national syllabus:

BOSTES, Studies of Religion

TACE, Studies of Religion

NCEA, Studies of Religion

QCE, Religion and Ethics  

All students currently studying New Testament Church History as an Academic Rigour subject for their current Year 12 Academic pathway will have the Academic Rigour honoured. However, all students registering a pathway after July 1, 2017 will have to complete the NTCH Research Extension projects in order to qualify for Academic Rigour. 

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