SCEE Connect Vol.1 No.4

Welcome to the SCEE Connect for this quarter. In this edition are articles on:

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  • Our Homeschool Journey
  • Homeschooling Everyday Learning
  • Book Reviews
  • Empowering Others Through A.C.E.
  • Graduation Certificate Process
  • NEW History Depth Studies
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  • Convention 2016
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Raising Stars Institute, Indonesia
  • 2017 Regional Student Convention Dates
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SCEE Connect Magazine volume 1 no. 4 with a student working in a PACE.

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Apologetics – Science verses Religion

by Mark Bromley

Over the course of the next few articles, I wish to address some of the major untruths that are actively promoted by
Atheism. In this article, I wish to discuss the lie that ‘Science and Religion are at war, ‘fact versus faith.’

Our Home School Journey

by Nik and Helen Karanikas

What an awesome and delightful privilege we in Australia are given to homeschool our children! Our journey with Christian Home Education started over 20 years ago, after the birth of our first child, when we were introduced to the A.C.E. curriculum by a friend. We have been strong believers in providing our six children with a Christ-centered
education, and A.C.E. has enabled us to provide the academic side of this.

SCEELERATOR – November 2013

SCEELERATOR Volume 16 No. 6 - November 2013

SCEELERATOR Volume 16 No. 6 – November 2013

Vale – Trevor Taylor

It is with great sadness that we inform the A.C.E. community in Australia, Indonesia and the South Pacifi c that the Chairman of our Board, Mr Trevor Taylor, passed away on Saturday 12 October at 12:25am. Late last year, Trevor was diagnosed with non-hogkins Lymphoma and has undergone several treatment regimes including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We had fervently prayed for Trevor and hoped that The Lord would see fi t to heal him, however, The Lord chose to call him home.

The Science Delusion

Far from Gervais’s statement that: “Science seeks the truth and it does not discriminate,” much of science today is presenting  a biased worldview where not even a “divine foot” is allowed in the door. His statement that, “Science is humble and bases its conclusions and beliefs on hard evidence” reveals that he is ignorant of the overwhelming scientific evidence against evolution and for creationism. The fact that most of the Western world is also ignorant of this scientific evidence reveals the extent that people are deluded by aspects of science today. That evolution is presented as scientific fact is probably the biggest delusion being hoisted on the West today


Ace, Christi and Miriam Hand Puppets Special.

A.C.E. characters Ace, Christi and Miriam hand puppets available from SCEE

A.C.E. characters Ace, Christi and Miriam hand puppets available from SCEE

Bring the A.C.E. Characters Ace, Christi and Miriam to life with these hand puppets. They are each sold separately and will provide hours of creative play for your children.

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