Encyclopedia of Bible Truths

Encyclopedia of Bible TruthsThis set of four books integrates the Bible into virtually every curriculum area and is an outstanding resource for lesson preparation, research, and project completion. The set is formatted by content area; each section lists biblical concepts and background for that subject. Scripture references and scriptures that pertain to those concepts are then provided.

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Set of 4 books,  $60.00

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths: Foreword

Christian schooling today is impacting the lives of coundess numbers of students around the world. It is focused upon developing a Christian worldview through the careful and articulate integration of God’s Word into the broader academic curriculum. Christ-centered schools are effectively changing young lives for the cause of Christ. Regardless of the subject being taught, when permeated with sCriptural principles, a worldview is being intricately etched in the students’ hearts and minds, impacting their thinking and decision making for a lifetime. This book has been carefully designed to assist you in helping make that crucial connection between each of the academic disciplines and God’s Word.

The Encyclopedia of Bible Truths is the work of Dr. Ruth Haycock, a gifted researcher, writer, and Christian teacher. She devoted her entire adult life to the compilation of the valuable information contained in these pages. Ruth Haycock is now in heaven, enjoying the eternal rewards of her selfless and sacrificial service, while Christian educators worldwide have the opportunity to strengthen their own teaching with the support of this book.

It has never been intended that the Encyclopedia of Bible Truths be the sole resource for biblical integration in the Christian school classroom, but this resource has been designed to provide that needed assistance in most subject areas for lesson preparation and project assignments. As you use this valuable resource, it is our desire that the relevance and truth of God’s Word will come alive as students experience the empowered teaching of biblically integrated academic courses.

It is a privilege to commend this powerful teaching resource as you prepare your students for such a time as this.

Ken Smitherman, LLD
Association of Christian Schools International