Product News 8th September 2015



by Mike Spencer  

Many contemporary historians either completely ignore or diminish the important role that Christianity has played in Australian History. This book seeks to challenge the portrayal of Australia’s development since European settlement in 1788 that fails to tell the Australian Christian story. Hard cover, 368 full colour, glossy pages. Introductory price is $40.00  ** NOW $20.00 Tax inc  **. Click on the following link for more details: From the author.. “The purpose of One People, One Destiny is to show God’s dealings in the context of a comprehensive general history of Australia. The twelve chapters trace Australia’s heritage from Biblical times through the course of significant Christian influences in Australia’s history”. The reduced price represents very good value and would be an excellent resource for any school / family library. If you wish to take the opportunity to acquire the book at this special price, please either reply to this email or contact SCEE Ltd and place your order directly. Quantity breaks also available for larger purchases.


All curriculum DVDs are being offered at 40% discount at this time. Some students will benefit from the presentations which closely parallel PACE work. This particularly applies to high school Maths and Science.  In Algebra for example, this reduces the price from $30.15 to $18.09 (ex GST) Per DVD.


We are currently renegotiating with Rosetta Stone Management regarding the on-going supply of their on-line language programs. We believe it has been overwhelmingly well received by most users over the past two years. However, we have received word that there will be a significant price increase for this product. We are possibly looking at a new price of $125.00 (ex tax) per license. Our investigations reveal that this still represents good value in comparison to the regular list price. Shortly we will be forwarding a short questionnaire to users and non-users regarding their attitude towards language learning in general and the use of Rosetta Stone in particular. We encourage you to respond to this.  If Rosetta Stone is entirely new to you, you can click on the following link for more details:


4TH EDITION UPDATES (newly released since last notification 14.08.15)

Word Building 1031 and 1032; Science 1078 are now available in 4th Edition.

For up to date view of all 4th edition PACEs and Keys visit

Australian State History revised and renumbered

Old Product Code New Product Code Title
008079N 408079A 4th ed Soc Stud 1079A (NSW)
008079Q 408080A 4th ed Soc Stud 1080A (QLD)
008079V 408081A 4th ed Soc Stud 1081A (VIC)
008079T 408082A 4th ed Soc Stud 1082A (TAS)
008079S 408083A 4th ed Soc Stud 1083A (SA)
008079W 408084A 4th ed Soc Stud 1084A (WA)



Item No. 060255 ABCs for English Learners Set.

We are pleased to inform you of the new ABCs for English Learners Set. This set incorporates Speaking English with ACE and Christi and ABCs with Ace and Christi. This 30-36 week program allows students to learn to speak and read English with enough comprehension to begin working first level English PACEs by week 19. Combining the two programs makes it user-friendly with just one continuous set of manuals. While these are not in stock yet, we are taking orders which can be shipped together with a future order you may place. Anticipated price: $370.65. More information is available from the SCEE Office.

 The set includes:

4 volume manuals containing daily instructors’ activity guide, songs, games & picture cards.
930404 ABCs Song CD
060255 Speaking English Song CD
010511 ABCs Display Cards (36)
000105 Tactile & Kinetic Cards (36)
000091 ABCs Pre-Test (10)
000089 Post Test (10)
000329 ABCs Diplomas (10)


Item No. 430068 A.C.E. Cartoon Characters and Character Trait Stickers

 The package contains a total of 120 stickers – 60 cartoon characters and 60 character trait stickers. Anticipated availability: mid to late October. Price: $4.00 a packet. More information is available from the SCEE Office.

Rosetta Stone Now Available

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd (SCEE) is pleased to announce that we are now offering the Rosetta Stone language software to schools and families using A.C.E. Products. SCEE is now able to offer a complete language course solution to schools and home educators. We are able to offer the Rosetta Stone Classroom product (online) to affiliated Schools, Home School and Distance Education providers. The introductory price of AUD 76.00 (inc. GST, conditions apply) for a 12 month license provides an affordable program for  learning another language.

Rosetta Stone Logo

Within the Rosetta Stone Manager (the administration system) all licenses sold will be grouped by school, and the school may nominate an administer for their group. This will enable them to view the students progress, print reports and customise the curriculum.

The Rosetta Stone philosophy:

Everything we do at Rosetta Stone revolves around a simple idea: learning a language should be fun, easy and effective.

We approach language learning the same way that you first learnt a language — using a natural method that teaches new language directly, without translation. That means no more confusing grammar explanations or mind-numbing vocabulary lists to memorise.

Details and conditions for purchasing Rosetta Stone can be found on our page:Language Learning With Rosetta Stone Classroom.

For more information please email: