Does Rosetta Stone offer a parallel English translation?

Rosetta Stone uses a style of instruction called “immersion methodology”. Lessons are presented entirely in the language you are learning. There are no instructions or parallel English translations. This is a deliberate learning technique that has been adopted to help the learner adapt to the new language as quickly as possible. Millions of users worldwide have already demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in language learning. Immersion is a natural method for children and adults to learn language. As with any language program, additional aids such as direct person-to-person communication, cultural exposure, and further studies will enhance the learning experience. Prior to purchase we strongly recommend that you View the demonstration

Do the A.C.E. Word Building CD’s work with Windows 7 and 8?

A.C.E. have indicated that there will be an update to the discs, but for now a patch is available from the A.C.E. Technical Support Department. If you are trying use the Word Building CDs on either Windows 7 or 8, please email , with details of the situation and they will provide instructions to get them running.

Can I use Rosetta Stone on my smart phone or tablet?


Rosetta Stone Course can be accessed and used on the Apple and Android platforms.

For general help with smart phone devices visit:

For Android users:

For Apple users:

In general visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Google / Android) and search for Rosetta Stone Ltd. and install Rosetta Course.

Once the App is installed on your device, and you open it up you should be presented with an option like the image bellow, you must select Enterprise and Education Learners which will provide the correct login options

Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education Learners






At the Rosetta Course Enterprise and Education Learners sign in page, enter the user name and password and then make sure that you set the Online portal to “scee”

Rosetta Course sign in dialogue









If you continue to have trouble please visit the link above that applies to your device.

If there are 5 levels in a course what school level would the final levels be? eg Grade 8 or Grade 12

While the answer to this question depends on the age a student is introduced to the language, we can assume that a typical student may commence in Year 7 or 8 – at least in terms of recording progress towards credit attainment. Such a student reaching the end of level 5 in a language should be approaching the end of level/grade 10. However, a number of variables could influence this broad outline. It is also possible for brighter students to complete the material earlier while others may continue on in their senior years.

We are having an inspection next year. Do you have a Scope and Sequence that we can present to the Inspectors for their approval?