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At Southern Cross Educational Enterprises we have sourced and developed additional material to enhance and add to the A.C.E. Curriculum. We will be keeping you updated on these great products, and reminding you of some old ones that can enhance your school / homeschool environment.

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths

Encyclopedia of Bible TruthsThis set of four books integrates the Bible into virtually every curriculum area and is an outstanding resource for lesson preparation, research, and project completion. The set is formatted by content area; each section lists biblical concepts and background for that subject. Scripture references and scriptures that pertain to those concepts are then provided.

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Set of 4 books,  $60.00

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths: Foreword

Christian schooling today is impacting the lives of coundess numbers of students around the world. It is focused upon developing a Christian worldview through the careful and articulate integration of God’s Word into the broader academic curriculum. Christ-centered schools are effectively changing young lives for the cause of Christ. Regardless of the subject being taught, when permeated with sCriptural principles, a worldview is being intricately etched in the students’ hearts and minds, impacting their thinking and decision making for a lifetime. This book has been carefully designed to assist you in helping make that crucial connection between each of the academic disciplines and God’s Word.

The Encyclopedia of Bible Truths is the work of Dr. Ruth Haycock, a gifted researcher, writer, and Christian teacher. She devoted her entire adult life to the compilation of the valuable information contained in these pages. Ruth Haycock is now in heaven, enjoying the eternal rewards of her selfless and sacrificial service, while Christian educators worldwide have the opportunity to strengthen their own teaching with the support of this book.

It has never been intended that the Encyclopedia of Bible Truths be the sole resource for biblical integration in the Christian school classroom, but this resource has been designed to provide that needed assistance in most subject areas for lesson preparation and project assignments. As you use this valuable resource, it is our desire that the relevance and truth of God’s Word will come alive as students experience the empowered teaching of biblically integrated academic courses.

It is a privilege to commend this powerful teaching resource as you prepare your students for such a time as this.

Ken Smitherman, LLD
Association of Christian Schools International

A.C.E. Bible Reading PACEs 1049-1063 now available.

A.C.E. Bible Reading reinforces reading skills and whets the child’s appetite for God’s Word. Each grade level of this series contains 12 PACEs that concentrate on reading the Bible and comprehending many of its principles.

In Level 1 a specific feature of the ABCs with Ace and Christi learning-to read program is the character-building Bible stories. A.C.E. Bible Reading Level 1 PACEs feature vividly colored pictures to be used in conjunction with these Bible stories. A variety of activities gives attention to development of the fine motor muscles, hand-eye coordination, and visual discrimination.

In Level 2 the student reads the Book of John. As he reads he is also expected to answer questions about God’s Word. In addition, he learns the books of the New Testament in order. Various character traits dealing with relationships with God and others are emphasized also.

In Level 3 the child becomes familiar with the Book of Matthew while learning the books of the Old Testament in order. There is constant review of the Old Testament books and practice in recognizing them.

In Level 4 the Books of Mark and Luke are read. The student continues studying the books of the Old Testament in sections: Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, and Minor Prophets. He continues answering questions about the Bible while learning more of its great character traits.

In Level 5 the student reads and answers questions from the Books of Genesis, Exodus, and Acts and from the first thirty-four chapters of the Book of Psalms. He reviews the books of the Bible and he learns Bible names, interesting facts about places, cultures, and unusual Bible characters. The student gains tips for memorizing, meditating on, and personalizing Scripture.

In Level 6 the student reads and answers questions from the Books of Romans, Psalms and Numbers. The first three PACEs are now available with the remainder of Level 6 expected early to mid 2017.

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Creative Communication Skills (The Art of Storytelling)

Creative Communication Skills Text Book and Work BooksStorytelling is the basis of human communication. Here is a speech class that offers practical, everyday benefits. Instead of having your students memorize speeches that are rarely used, teach them to prepare and present stories that are natural and fit into any situation. This course will help prepare your students for ministry, as well as whatever occupation they may enter. The course consists of one resource book and six workbooks.

This product can be found on Page 34 of our Product Catalogue and Page 55 of Scope and Sequence.

Description Product Code
Art of Storytelling
Text book required
Art of Storytelling Study Guides 1 – 6 AS1 – AS6
Art of Storytelling Study Guide Key ASK

A.C.E. Kindergarden Kit – Reading is the doorway to education

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi (K3-K5)Believing that reading is the doorway to education, the Accelerated Christian Education program offers several avenues by which children and adults can learn to read or increase their reading ability.
In the 1930s and 1940s, most children learned to read by studying phonics. Then schools began using the look-say or whole language method. However, conclusive studies demonstrate that children and adults must learn phonics in order to read better and faster. Those who do not receive phonics training are stifled in the reading process and are often unable to function beyond the fourth grade level. A.C.E. incorporates the phonics method in all its reading courses.