Catalogue and Order Forms

SCEE A.C.E. Product Catalogue.

  • This catalogue does not contain pricing. All prices are in the order forms. Please download appropriate order form below.
  • This catalogue is designed to be used in conjunction with SCEE order forms. The order forms contain references to the catalogue making it easier to find information on products when ordering.
  • If you would prefer a full colour hard copy of this catalogue, it can be ordered on page 15 of the order form. Or if you are sending orders by email just ask for product 000461 SCEE Product Catalogue, for AUD$5.50 (inc. GST).

SCEE A.C.E. Scope and Sequence

  • This document has a brief content description of the PACEs and associated curriculum materials available from the SCEE Warehouse. It includes all national curriculum, e.g. New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, and the latest PACE editions from the USA.
  • If you would prefer a hard copy of the Scope and Sequence book, it can be ordered on page 15 of the order form “Complete S&S A.C.E. Curric”. Or if you are sending orders by email just ask for product 700440B SCEE A.C.E. Scope and Sequence, for AUD$5.50 (inc. GST).

Indonesian Group Orders

For Customers in Indonesia who wish to have their orders shipped as part of a group order, please click the link below and submit your order on the provided form. All orders participating in a group order MUST be submitted using this form.

Indonesian Group Order Form

SCEE Returns Policy.

  • Our Returns Policy can be found page 12 of the Catalogue. The updated policy from the catalogue can be downloaded for your reference:
    product catalogue 2015p12
  • If returning products to SCEE please download and use the following SCEE Returns form:

4th Edition and New National PACEs.

Due to the ongoing roll-out of 4th Edition PACEs and our new National PACEs and the difficulties making sure the right Keys are ordered, we have produced a document outlining the best procedure to follow when placing orders.

SCEE Product Order Forms

Important Note:

The Order Forms below are in Microsoft Excel Format (.xls). You will require MS Excel to use them. They are working spread sheets where each page of the order form is represented on a separate sheet (the tabs along the bottom of the Excel window).

The sheets are protected but you may fill in your details on the front page, and the quantities on the following pages. Simply enter the quantity you wish to order and the spreadsheet will calculate totals and transfer them to the front page automatically.

A PDF file of each order form is also available if you only need to print the order form.

Downloading of Forms

All forms are in password protect locations, you will need to have a username and password supplied by either SCEE or your service provider (DE or Home School). If you do not have a user name and password please contact SCEE via email: or phone: +61 7 3881 5777+61 7 3881 5777.


Once you have completed your order check the value on the front page and look up the amount of freight required and add this to the freight field on the front page. Please make sure you look at the correct freight table for your region.

A printed order will still be provided if required, please indicate on your order form (Admin Pg 15) and a printed order form will shipped with your order.

Retail Order Forms

This order form is for individuals or families that are not registered with an affiliated service provider (ie. distance education provider or home school service provider) or schools that are not currently affiliated with SCEE.

DE and Home School Order Forms

This order form and price list is for individuals who are currently registered with a Distance Education or Home School Support provider.
Please note: You need a username and password to access these files.

Schools Order Forms

This order form and price list is for Schools who are affliated with Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd.
Please note: You need a username and password to access these files.

PNG Schools Order Forms

This order form and price list is for Schools in Papua New Guinea who are affliated with Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd.
This form contains special freight tables and freight calculators for PNG that do not apply to any other region.
Please note: You need a username and password to access these files.


Catalogue and Order Forms — 24 Comments

  1. Please supply me with the user Name and Password so that I have the excess to order school materials through this means.
    Thank you and awaiting your Response.

    • Hi Damien,
      Login details have been emailed to you.
      Please email questions related to orders or placing orders to for the quickest response.

  2. We need pin number and pass word to access order form on line, becaue we want to restart our school after it has been closed for three years.
    Pastor Peter Kuipa.

  3. Tambul Christian Academy needs username and password for ordering materials. I thank Southern Cross for providing order forms on website. its easy for such remote schools. I need username and password now.

    thank you.

    mr. joseph kakaru
    Tambul Christian Academy

  4. thank you thank you for making png very easy to make orders we always having problem now with that new system we will try to make no mistake

  5. Hellow i am trying to fax an order from new zealand. The number i am using is 0061761732057331.
    Is this the right number.?? Rachel

    • Dear Rachel,
      Our contact details are available on the Contact Us page. The number that you are ussing is not correct, it should be +61 7 3205 7331, if your international call prefix is 00 then you should be dialing 0061732057331.

    • Hi Julie,
      We have tried to email you a response to this question but there must be a typo in the email you gave as it bounced back undeliverable. If you do happen to read this reply, please email with your inquiry or use the form on the contact us page. Unfortunately we need to ask a couple of questions in order answer your question.
      Thank you

  6. Hi,

    We have just moved to Australia from New Zealand. I have previously ordered ACE workbooks from you, and wonder if it is possible to do so again now that we are living here. We were registered with HSNZ in New Zealand but obviously that is no longer relevant. What category would we fall into now for ordering purposes?
    Thank you,

  7. Hi,

    I am working at Imanuela Akatemia, Cook Islands. I would like to order a set of flash cards for the phonics animals, as ours have become old over the years and cards missing. I like to know what they are known as on the order form.

    Thank you…

    • Hi Rebecca

      There are two versions of the flashcards; the smaller version known as the Individual Phonics Flashcards normally used in the ABCs programme with a sentence using the letter on the back; or the larger Display Cards used with the Kindergarten programme .You will find both of these items on Page 15 of our Order Forms and Page 21 of our Product Catalogue. The Individual Phonics Flashcards are shown as “Flash Cards” on the order form and “Flash (small display) Cards” Item no. 270 in the catalogue. While the larger cards are listed as “Display Cards (36)” on the order form and “Tactile and Kinetic Cards (36)” Item no. 105 in the catalogue.

    • Hello Mr Lan,
      At the moment the only option is to email the Excel file or scanned copy of the paper form to . Thanks to your comment I am looking into creating a form on the website that will allow orders to be uploaded. We are also in the process of configuring our own web store, which is something we are looking forward to being able make available to our customers. If you use Facebook you can like our page , to stay up to date with announcements from us.
      Thank you for your Comment.

  8. our school still find it difficult to access the order form. the users name and the pass word you gave us did not work, is any thing wrong?
    help us.we really want to place our orders.

    • Hi Lina,
      I have emailed the login details to you with some instructions. I would like to note for all our customers that the login details needed here have nothing to do with your customer code etc. If you do not have the login details please contact SCEE or your service provider. Also please remember that the username and password are case sensitive so please type them in exactly as provided to you.

  9. Hi,

    I want to access the – Registered Home School/DE Order form XLS, however my username and password is not correct.

    Please assist me.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Lydia (and anyone else trying to access the protected order forms),
      The user-name and password that you need to access the protected files can be obtained from your DE/Home School service provider, or by contacting the Distribution Department at SCEE.
      Please note that this user-name and password is not related to your customer code with SCEE, it is case sensitive and must be entered as you see it on the instructions that you have received from SCEE or your provider.
      If you are still having trouble, let us know, on our Contact Us page

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