Photo Gallery

2013 Stock Take Complete

Thanks to all our Customers for your patience with us during the stock take. Distribution staff are relieved to report that on Thursday last week they finished counting and resumed processing your orders. Southern Cross Educational Enterprises would like to thank all the staff in the Distribution Department who diligently counted and entered the data into the computers, God bless you for all your hard work this stock take.


A.C.E. Pace Orders QC

When you place an order for A.C.E. Paces from us, your order is entered into our computers, a picking slip is generated for each order which goes to the warehouse. When your order is picked it is placed here on the tables that you can see in these pictures. These A.C.E. Pace orders will be going to Schools, Home School and Distance Education Families in Australia, New Zealand and  across the South Pacific. All these orders are about to be checked, before they are packed and shipped to their destinations.


April Container of A.C.E. Curriculum Material

Our latest container of A.C.E. Curriculum Materials from the U.S.A. has arrived and the guys in the warehouse get to work at unloading and unpacking. This interrupts the regular packing and shipping of your orders, but is necessary to make sure that we have the stock on the shelves to fulfill your orders. We appreciate your patience with us at these times, and hope these pictures will give you a better understanding of our processes.

SCEE Ltd. Warehouse Photos