Professional Development

Providing professional development and training in areas of curriculum management,
teaching and learning strategies, and special needs.

The Educational Services Department team is committed to:

• Upholding an honourable Christian witness in all our endeavours
• Networking with schools to foster sharing of professional knowledge
• Being attentive to specific and common requirements and needs
• Appraising the A.C.E. curriculum materials within the context of best educational practice and state and national requirements
• Working with schools to support document preparation for school registration reviews
• Providing professional development and training in pedagogical practice and contemporary education knowledge.
• Providing school strategic planning and self-assessment

 The ESD Team is available to conduct professional development workshops and present at conferences and seminars.
Schools may combine this with a SCEE school visit.

 Suggested professional development topics:

• Teaching and learning
• Curriculum
• Learning difficulties and disabilities
• Leadership
• Pedagogy

To find out more about Professional Development contact: