School Assistance

Supporting and assisting schools, using A.C.E. curriculum materials, in the areas of compliance,
school registration, curriculum framework auditing, curriculum development.

The Educational Services Department Team is committed to:

• Upholding an honourable Christian witness in all our endeavours
• Networking with schools to foster sharing of professional knowledge
• Being attentive to specific and common requirements and needs
• Appraising the A.C.E. curriculum materials within the context of best educational practice and state and national requirements
• Working with schools to support document preparation for school registration reviews
• Providing professional development and training in pedagogical practice and contemporary education knowledge.
• Providing professional support during the conduct of registration reviews
• Providing school strategic planning and self-assessment
• Liaising with education personnel, registration authorities and service providers
• Fostering and facilitating public record of good practice, for example, the achievements of our students and graduates

Geneva Christian College

Support is particularly relevant when schools are preparing for registration reviews. A continuing audit of the A.C.E. curriculum materials to establish the contribution these educational resources make to state and national syllabus requirements. SCEE has developed a full Scope and Sequence in electronic format both for compliance purposes and for reproduction in student transcripts for graduation certificates.

School Assistance Information:

School Assistance

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School Assistance