Educational Services Department Team

Rhonda Davis – DipT SpEd Post Grad MSL SpD DipMgt DipBus DipBA MADA MACEL

Rhonda Davis Southern Cross Educational EnterprisesRhonda Davis is an Education Consultant with a wide range of experience in the fields of education, leadership, management and business. Rhonda is a national conference speaker and workshop facilitator with an expertise in literacy and special education. She is a professional associate member of the Australian Dyslexia Association. She supports schools and home educators with compliance documentation, curriculum auditing, curriculum development, professional development, educational consultancy and mentoring. She has extensive teaching experience in day schools and distance education. Rhonda has 30 years experience with Accelerated Christian Education materials and methodology. She is a Christian author with a passion for developing Christian leadership within the community.

Solet Prinsloo – Nat Dip Graphic Design

Solet Prinsloo Southern Cross Educational EnterprisesSolet Prinsloo is a Graphic Designer for Southern Cross Educational Enterprises. She designs documentation layout, educational material layout and advertising. Her graphic design spans 21 years experience in the fields of exhibition design, layout, and advertising with extensive experience in retail. She was selected as the South African designer representative at the World Expo exhibition, Portugal 2000. Solet was art director for Blue Planet advertising and has run her own design firm. Her clients have included Queen Elizabeth and F.W. de Klerk. She is passionate about children enjoying their learning experience and living lives with Christian principles by having a personal relationship with God.

Charlize Pretorius – Administrative Assistant

Charlize Pretorius Southern Cross Educational EnterprisesCharlize Pretorius is the Administrative Assistant for the Educational Services Department at SCEE. She finished her last five years of schooling with the A.C.E Curriculum at Vine Christian School in South Africa. She graduated in 2010 as a straight ‘A’ student, the top academic student of her school and passed the SAT’s with an above average score. As a student she participated in four of the All African A.C.E. Student Conventions and gained awards for music and platform events. She has performed at the All African Student Convention, the Fijian Student Convention and The Queensland Convention. She also judged music, art & photography at the 2011 Queensland Convention. She has performed in America, Africa, Australia and Fiji. Charlize has been accepted to study at a Private Music University, JMC Academy in Australia in 2012 to complete a Bachelor in Music. She will then go on to do her Bachelor of Education at the University of Queensland. Charlize was a part of a touring ministry group since 2005 and has been ministering to thousands of young females and teens alike since 2004. Charlize started working at Southern Cross Educational Enterprises in 2011.