Australian Christian Home Schooling Providers

Home Schooling (also known as home education) is where the parents are responsible for their child’s education. They choose the method of education and they educate their children in a family setting in and around the family home. State governments require home schooled children to be registered, and in some states, the family educational program must be approved. Some states use the term home education when referring to home schooling.

SouthEast Home Education

SouthEast Home Education Logo
Postal Address:
PO Box 3102
CaboolturePhone: 07 3881 5739


SouthEast Home Education is now part of Southern Cross Educational Enterprises providing Homeschool support for Australian parents.
We make registration with your state authority simple with our documentation.

  • Tutoring by qualified teachers
  • Annual graduation/celebration events
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Semester reports
  • 25+ years of experience in A.C.E. curriculum
  • 25 years homeschool experience


Australian Home Schooling and Distance Education Brochure image.

Download our Australian Service Provider Brochure

A.C.E. Australian service providers who predominately incorporate A.C.E. materials and procedures in their Home Schooling programs are listed below. Please note that these providers are not part of Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd. they are independent bodies that use materials provided by us.

We recommend downloading and reading our brochure about Distance Education and Home Schooling providers prior to contacting them. It describes the benefits of using the A.C.E. Materials and Program for your children’s education.

Australian Homebase Academy

Logo of Austalian Homebase Academy, a christian homeschool service

Australian Homebase Academy

Homebase seeks to foster PARENTAL ownership of THEIR ongoing home educational agenda through the supply of curriculum (A.C.E.); as well as internal and external support and training. We strive to provide the resources that will assist each family to continue to be productive and professional through Professional Development, workshops, Conferences and meetings; including registration support.

Postal Address:
PO BOX 3515

Phone: 07 54 91 7008
Fax: 07 54 37 0572

Hebron Homeschoolers

logo for Hebron Homeschoolers

Hebron Homeschoolers

We are here to serve, support and advise the homeschooling family.
…all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” (Isa.54:13 KJV)


Phone: 07 3264 3248
Mobile: 0404 425 222

Homeschool Christian Academy

A Ministry of Homeschool Christian Colleges Inc.

HCA is the only homeschool service provider to have qualified teachers in every state in Australia, giving local knowledge and support to families.

State Offices

New South Wales & ACT
Ph 0418 805 220
PO Box 135St Georges Basin
NSW 2540

Queensland & NT
Ph 07 3419 1023
PO Box 311, Petrie, Qld, 4502

South Australia
Ph 0498 455 380
41 North Parade Strathalbyn SA 5255

Details to come shortly;
Please contact Victoria

Ph 0412 539 073

Western Australia (Head office)
Ph (08) 9385 0242
PO Box 2189 Claremont North,
WA 6010
Please direct all initial email enquires to:


If you are one of the service providers listed on this page and you would like to update or alter the listing please email


Australian Christian Home Schooling Providers — 2 Comments

  1. I have started home schooling my daughter.

    I am interested in buying 2nd hand score keys.

    Could you please help me out.

    • We do not have any specific recommendations in this regard but would advise you to exercise caution when buying 2nd hand keys. This is particularly the case with recently revised curriculum where you may find the 2nd hand copy you have purchased does not match the current edition of the Pace. The safest approach is to purchase the key along with the Pace as needed.

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