Indonesian Christian Home Education (ICHE)

Providing support services to home educators residing in Indonesia.

About Indonesian Christian Home Education

Indonesian Christian Home Education - Mother helping child.When you choose ICHE, you get more than an organization that just sells curriculum. You get a Christian team that is committed to support all your educational needs. As a home educator, you can begin your home school adventure with competence and confidence by utilizing the ICHE Starter Kit.

After diagnostic testing, your child will be assigned courses that each consist of 12 workbooks called PACEs. Each PACE presents interesting lessons, new vocabulary, challenging quizzes, and mastery tests. The unique format of the curriculum allows a student to advance from unit to unit as they demonstrate mastery. The student advances through the curriculum under parental supervision. Parents provide tutoring at the optimum moment of learning.

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd. (SCEE) Australia

Indonesian Christian Home Education - Prep to year 12

SCEE supports service providers who incorporate the A.C.E. curriculum materials into their education programme. SCEE is operated by dedicated individuals who are committed to equipping people for their God ordained role in life by providing high quality, Biblically based curriculum and services.

“Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus…” (Colossians 1:28)

Getting Started with Indonesian Christian Home Education and the A.C.E. Programme


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The A.C.E. Programme is individualized, the emphasis being placed on learning rather than teaching. A student works in each subject at a level of difficulty perfectly suited to his ability, and does not need to fall into the trap of comparing himself with his peers. Clearly, a conventional ‘classroom’ approach would be unable to cater for a wide range of learning levels, and this has necessarily led A.C.E. Ministries to develop a system to facilitate individualized learning on many different levels within one classroom (learning centre) or home situation.

Parent and Tutor Training

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Since this system is quite different to the more familiar approach, parents and tutors need to complete a course of training before starting home education using the A.C.E. programme. The Home Education Training may be completed at home. The cost of this training is covered under the Home School Enrolment Fee.

Home Education Training Seminar

For a comprehensive and stimulating training to assist a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of the system, parents and tutors are encouraged to attend the next available Home Education Training seminar.

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Indonesian Christian Home Education Brochure

Indonesian Christian Home Education Brochure