About SCEE

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd (SCEE) is a not for profit charitable ministry, registered in Queensland and established for the purpose of promoting and facilitating Biblical education around the South Pacific region.

Front of the SCEE Building at Narangba Qld Australia

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Offices in Narangba Qld. Australia

SCEE is the South Pacific Area Office for Accelerated Christian Education, a Biblical, mastery learning programme providing for Kindergarten and Preschool right through year 12 (year 13 in some regions).

The South Pacific region comprises those countries that could, loosely, be described as south of the equator and from Indonesia in the West to the Islands of Polynesia in the East. Countries in the South Pacific Region which currently have schools using Accelerated Christian Education are (from West to East):

Countries in the South Pacific that are currently using Accelerated Christian EducationRegions serviced by Southern Cross Educational Services


Indonesia Australia
Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands
Nauru Vanuatu
New Zealand Tuvalu
Fiji Islands Cook Islands

As of May, 2012, there are some 180 registered schools operating within the region comprising about 15,000 students.

Within Australia, schools choosing to use A.C.E. resources within their educational program are required to be registered with their respective education authorities and have therefore been able to satisfactorily demonstrate that their content and methodology meets State and National registration requirements. More information can be obtained by viewing the Educational Services Department section of this website.

SCEE provides school service visits and runs annual educators’ conferences and student conventions around the South Pacific region. More information on these services can be obtained by viewing the Our Events section of this website.

More information on A.C.E. can be obtained by viewing the page “About A.C.E.” on this website or by visiting the A.C.E. Website.