Leading From Your Strength – A Biblical Approach to Godly Leadership

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Leading from Your Strengths (LFYS) is a Biblical approach to the dynamic of godly leadership and interpersonal relationships.

LFYS recognizes that each person is different by design. God’s design is to maximize the strengths derived from individual differences. Hence Biblical leadership and effective Christian involvement is about recognizing and harnessing individual differences to become corporate strengths.

There is diversity in God’s design. I Cor. 12:11 says “one and the same Spirit… distributes to each one individually as He wills” . Through diversity the body life of the Church is strengthened by the different attributes of its individual members.

LFYS is designed to help Individuals….

…identify their leadership strengths and teams to identify their collective attributes. The LFYS Leadership Profile is an on-line assessment gives insights into the participant’s natural strengths, and how these strengths are operating in the participant’s circumstances.

The LFYS process is all about:-

  • Knowing your God-given strengths,
  • Understanding the strengths of others,
  • Blending differences to reduce frustration,
  • Increasing team closeness,
  • Decreasing interpersonal conflict, and
  • Dramatically increasing team commitment and mutual interdependence.

The LFYS online survey measures:-

  • Your general manner of responding to problems and challenges
  • How you influence others
  • The ways in which you respond to the pace of your environment
  • Your general and specific responses to rules and procedures set by others

LFYS Seminar Options

Seminar options can be arranged to suit organizational and personal needs as either full day or half day events.

Seminar options include:-

1. Full day LFYS Staff Seminar – for whole staff groups, leadership groups or work groups.
2. Half day LFYS Staff Seminar – for staff leadership groups, work groups or emerging leadership.
3. Half day LFYS Student Seminar – for student leadership groups, emerging student leadership or student personal development.
4. Combined Staff/Student LFYS Seminars – Full day schedule involving half day LFYS Student Seminar followed by half day LFYS Staff Seminar.


LFYS Seminar costs can be customized to suit organizational needs and situations according to the type of seminar, location and number of participants.

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