SSD Events Photo Gallery

The following photo galleries are of some of the events that the Schools’ Services Department runs.

South Pac 2012

December 9 – 14, 2012
Suva, Fiji

Mr Savage at Chinese Student Convention

A brief report from Schools Services Manager, Mr Roy Savage, regarding his invitation to the recent Chinese Student Convention:

Chinese Student Convention was held at a site about an hour out of the city of Guangzhou in Southern China. I was honoured to be invited to be their Guest speaker and to challenge the young people about living upright lives which are consistent with what they say they believe. Many students made decisions to commit themselves to a life of honesty and integrity. My wife Sue and I were blessed by the friendship and fellowship of the SofT family in China. There are always many personal challenges when visiting another country for the first time and the leaders of SofT in China were very generous and caring and made our stay a very positive experience. We enjoyed our time in China so much that when it was time to leave, saying good bye was quite difficult. SofT China has developed a tradition of making a Chinese jacket as a gift for the guest speaker and I was blessed with this very special gift. One which I will treasure for many years.

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