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The name SCEELERATOR came from the A.C.E. Ministries newsletter, called the ACCELERATOR, by simply substituting the letters ‘SCEE’ for ‘ACCE’ so as to help link our ministry with A.C.E. Ministries in the USA.

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SCEELERATOR – November 2013

SCEELERATOR Volume 16 No. 6 - November 2013

SCEELERATOR Volume 16 No. 6 – November 2013

Vale – Trevor Taylor

It is with great sadness that we inform the A.C.E. community in Australia, Indonesia and the South Pacifi c that the Chairman of our Board, Mr Trevor Taylor, passed away on Saturday 12 October at 12:25am. Late last year, Trevor was diagnosed with non-hogkins Lymphoma and has undergone several treatment regimes including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We had fervently prayed for Trevor and hoped that The Lord would see fi t to heal him, however, The Lord chose to call him home.

The Science Delusion

Far from Gervais’s statement that: “Science seeks the truth and it does not discriminate,” much of science today is presenting  a biased worldview where not even a “divine foot” is allowed in the door. His statement that, “Science is humble and bases its conclusions and beliefs on hard evidence” reveals that he is ignorant of the overwhelming scientific evidence against evolution and for creationism. The fact that most of the Western world is also ignorant of this scientific evidence reveals the extent that people are deluded by aspects of science today. That evolution is presented as scientific fact is probably the biggest delusion being hoisted on the West today

SCEELERATOR – September 2013

SCEELERATOR Volume 16 No. 5 - September 2013

SCEELERATOR Volume 16 No. 5 – September 2013

From the MD

Humanists have gained control of the world’s education systems and, under the guise of being “secular” rather than “religious”, have forced value systems onto the children that are, in fact, consistent with the religion of “Secular Humanism”. Such has been the onslaught that even Christian families, who have unknowingly exposed their children to this ndoctrination, have wondered, “Where did we go wrong?”

From the SSD Manager

The Lord has seen fit to bless our ministry and the responses of students to the messages that have been preached are very encouraging. There are many students in every place we have been so far that have indeed had a week that will last a lifetime.



Jan 2013-1

The Loneliness of Leadership

“Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.’” – Genesis 2:15
Why were the disciples sent out in pairs? Why did King David have a close relationship with Nathan the Prophet? Why did the apostles have someone with them – Barnabas, John Mark, Silas?

Conferences & Conventions

I have some very exciting news to share with you… PNG students took home 3 Gold Medals from ISC this year! This is the first time any medals from ISC have gone to PNG and there was much excitement amongst the team at ISC as the 3 students went forward to receive their medals…


Jan 2013-1

Life without Limitations

Michael Doherty was one of the four young men who preached at our A.C.E. South Pacific Student Covention in Fiji last December. This article was written for his College Year Book and has been reproduced here with his permission. Michael is an A.C.E. graduate.

From the MD

As I sat on the aircraft waiting to take off on a recent trip to Indonesia, I struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to me. Of course, the conversation turned inevitably to the question; “Is this trip for business or pleasure?” After navigating through my initial response, which is inevitably; “Yes!” … then comes the opening; “So what is it that you do?,” and shortly thereafter; “What is A.C.E.?”

SCEELERATOR – March 2013

Jan 2013-1

Vale – Dr. Donald Howard

In memory of Dr. Donald Howard, founder of A.C.E. Ministries in the USA. Mr. Bob Gregory attended the Memorial Service, and has written a testimony, parts of which he was able to share at the Service.

From NZ

Read about the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Imanuela Akatemia (Cook Islands), by Robert Steedman, SCEE Coordinator of New Zealand, Vanuatu, and the Cook Islands.

SCEELERATOR – January 2013

Jan 2013-1

Culturally Acceptable

“The devil made me do it!” was once a not too subtle way of justifying wrong doing. Now a more subtle statement to justify oneself would be, “The culture made me do it!”… There was a time in western culture that words like “progress” and “reason” were the driving force. Now it is ”tolerance” and “culture”.

2013 Regional A.C.E. Student Convention Dates

From the South Pacific to the rest of the world! Please add to your prayer list…

SCEELERATOR – November 2012

Nov 2012-1

Why we believe so much in A.C.E.

We enrolled James in a lovely country school …. We continued at this school a full year and a half until another teacher at this school, who went to our church, said to us “Do you know that James has the word ‘Dumb’ written on his personal School Records?”


SCEELERATOR – September 2012

A.C.E. Professional Training Course Requirements

The A.C.E. Professional Training Course must be completed by all staff, monitors, and parents who are working or intending to work in a school using the A.C.E. program. We also highly recommend that board members do this course of training. This Training Course should be conducted by a SCEE Representative or a SCEE Certified Trainer.

Student Convention Tech Tips #12 How to Take a Photo

Take time to get to know what your camera can do. Read the manual and research what the terms ‘Aperture’, ‘Focal Length’, ‘ISO’, ‘Shutter Speed’, ‘Composition’, and ‘Depth of Field’ mean. Experiment with the settings, both manual and automatic, to find out what they do.


Sceelerator June 2012

Taking a Stand

As Christians living in the world, we face our share of struggles. As Christian educators striving to teach Biblical worldview, those struggles are multiplied. Criticism flies at us from every front. “You cannot teach Creation as science! You are brainwashing your children with all this ‘Bible nonsense’!” It just does not stop. Therefore, the question I ask is: How much of this criticism are you taking on board? Are you being swayed to make decisions – based on the opinions of those around you – that will shape the way you run your schools and educate your children?

From The C.O.O.

Marketing our Philosophy and Methodology. This is aimed more at our day schools and DE units but it also applies to all families who would like to team up with us to promote Biblical Worldview education and more specifically A.C.E. and SCEE.


Sceelerator May 2012

Good Teaching – It’s Not Just One Thing!

It is clear, then, that if teachers are to implement mastery learning and precision teaching methods they will need to have a different approach to the classroom.
The A.C.E. approach is one such answer to these difficulties….

From The SDD Manager

People involved in professional sport have an ongoing training schedule that is designed to bring them to a point of excellence, continue to maintain that excellence and be constantly at their peak performance.