School Assistance Visits

Schools using the A.C.E. Program can be visited by a SCEE representative with the aim to provide assistance and expertise that will help the school to be successful, and to monitor the correct use of the A.C.E. Program.

A practical written review of suggestions to improve the use of the A.C.E. program that the representative observed on the school assistance visit can be requested by the school Principal. Otherwise, verbal feedback will be given to the Principal before the representative leaves the school.

The purpose of a school assistance visit is to be of practical assistance to the school (i.e. another pair of hands to help). The SCEE representative could be at school from the beginning of the day when staff meet for a prayer time before school, through to, and including, evening meetings with school boards or parent rallies. The aim would be to spend up to a “whole day” at the school.

There are currently two levels of school assistance. The first level is the services that a school can expect as a result of having a current, signed, Standard Service Agreement. These services are identified on the School Assistance Visit document. The second level is the services provided on a user pay basis, and could include (but is not limited to) full school appraisals, staff appraisals, advice for school boards, business management evaluations, record keeping, marketing, and other student programs.

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