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Serving the South Pacific region

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd. offers service and support to all users of the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) resource materials. To view a summary of the services that are provided to our region visit our Services and Support Page.

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd (SCEE) is a not for profit charitable ministry, registered in Queensland and established for the purpose of promoting and facilitating Biblical Worldview education around the South Pacific region. Read More…

SCEE Connect Vol 1 no 1

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SCEE Connect Vol1 no1

Catch the Vision!

Mr Slabbert Pretorius M.D.

We are working to establish SCEE as a one stop educational movement based on a Reaching, Redeeming, Restoring and Reforming ministry. Evangelism and discipleship through education and encouragement will be at the forefront of all our activities. We want to support every church and educational institution that is a part of this movement to be as effective as they can be.

My Journey to University

Lucy Brearley A.C.E. Graduate

I decided to not take the SAT test or any other form of tertiary entrance test as I wanted to prove that it could be done. My justification was that I had worked just as hard as anyone at school. I had stressed just as much as anyone studying at school, and therefore my form of education should count just as much as anyone studying at school.