Staff Training

The Schools’ Services Department is involved in providing the A.C.E. Professional Training course for those who are using the A.C.E. program predominantly in a school context however Home School parents may also be involved in this training

The A.C.E. Professional Training Course is a five day course which includes Bible study lectures, the completion of the A.C.E. Training PACEs, appropriate Scripture memorization and added value classroom instruction during PACE time.

A Certified Trainer will conduct the Training according to A.C.E. procedures in a Learning Centre consistent with the A.C.E. Procedures Manual. Trainees, wherever possible, are expected to do this Training in an already established A.C.E. Learning Centre operated by a Certified Trainer and following A.C.E. Learning Centre procedures. These training weeks can be conducted at the SCEE office in Narangba or in a school. If trainees successfully fulfil all of the requirements of the 40 hour Training Course they will receive a Certificate which carries the date of completion and trainee identification number. Certificates can be verified by contacting These Certificates have a five year currency and it is expected that all users of the A.C.E. program in the South Pacific Region and Indonesia will retrain at or before the expiry of their Certificate.

Those who have successfully completed the Staff Training and have some years of experience in operating a Learning Centre may be invited to extend their training to qualify as a Certified Trainer. Those who are interested in becoming a Certified Trainer may register their interest by contacting the office. SCEE may offer a “Train the Trainers” week at various intervals.

Other training seminars for specific needs are also offered from time to time, for example:

• Student Convention Training – budgeting, hiring sites, judges
• Hiring/firing of staff, building, maintenance
• Administrators Training

Download ACE Professional Staff Training Requirements 2012

If your school requires training please contact

I felt it incumbent upon me to express my gratitude for your kindness in allowing ACBI to adapt your Staff Enrichment Workbook for use as a post-term project for our course ED121 – Foundations of Individualized Education, which is Supervisors’ and Administrators’ Training combined. Your eight workbooks contain a wealth of information and are a perfect tool for someone to reflect on all they learned in an intensive week of training. It adds so much to the course and will be beneficial in the long term to ensure qualified staff. Thank you!

Steven P. Dawson Accelerated College of the Bible International