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How can I install Readmaster Plus on to a computer using Windows 7?

Readmaster Plus is fully compatible with Windows 7. However, during the installation,
there is one security feature on Windows 7 that will prohibit Readmaster Plus from
setting up completely.

Download instructions to complete the install HERE

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How can I install Readmaster Plus on to a computer using Windows Vista?

Readmaster Plus is fully compatible with Vista. However, during the installation, there is one
security feature on Vista that will prohibit Readmaster Plus from setting up completely.

Download the instruction to complete the install HERE

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What does A.C.E. offer for computer studies?

Download the following document for information relating to computer science activities.

Computer Science Project Activities.pdf

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What is the Christian World View Course?

The Christian Worldview course is based on the book “How Now Shall We Live?”. It requires students to complete the study guide that goes with the book. For more information about this course download the teachers guide bellow.

How Now Shall We Live? teachers guide download

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Who are the authors of the Literature Books?

The following 2 downloads list the authors of the resource books used in the A.C.E. Paces.

Download Our ACE book list and authors PDF

Download our list of Literature and Creative Writing Authors PDF

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What Paces do I need to order for the full Economics course?


When ACE came out with revised paces for units 133-144, they did the following:

1133-1138 US Civics
1139-1144 Economics (revised)

The first six paces were irrelevant to everybody except the USA. This meant that we could only use the last 6 units which resulted in a half-credit whereas before the completion of the 12 units earned a full credit.

Our Academic advisers therefore suggested that we use four of the old units (ie 133, 134, 140 and 143) in unison with the six new units (1133-1144) to enable students to claim a full credit at this level. This has worked fairly well because the content of the four old units was not covered in the new paces.

Hope this makes sense. The codes for the full course are 3133, 3134, 3140, 3143, then 8139 to 8144.

The keys are a bit more complicated. To get all the ones you need, you will need to purchase: 3333; 3339; 3342; 8339; 8342.

Economics is found on Page 27 of the SCEE Product Catalogue, a description of each unit is available on page 37 of the SCEE Scope & Sequence. Both of theses are available for download on the Catalogue and Order Forms page.

Download the Economics Course Structure PDF

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What A.C.E. Math PACEs are recomended prior to starting the Senior Maths?


Algebra 1 in full
Do the following PACE sequence of Algebra II and Geometry, for one credit before starting Senior Maths:

1109 – 1114; 1117, 1118, 1119, 1126, 1129, then 1130

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What is the PNG Formal Entry Fee?

The PNG Formal Entry Fee is levied to the addressee to ensure smooth transition through PNG Customs. Prior to its introduction, consignments were routinely held up in POM awaiting payment of this small charge. Schools often complained about the delay without realizing that they were required to pay the fee prior to the release of their goods. SCEE pays the fee to TNT but recovers it via the PNG Formal Entry Fee. All boxes within the consignment carry a FREE DOMICILE sticker which allows their fast tracking through Customs. The note from TNT explains it. (Please note SCEE only charges $15.00 – not $20.00 as recommended below).

all imports over a value of K1000.00 CIF are processed as formal entries. There has been a K30.00 PNG Customs entry user fee applicable on import entries since 01JAN11. The majority of the consignees from SCEE do not hold credit accounts with us and, despite materials being GST exempt, we hold these in POM until the receivers pay K30.00 on out invoice. In my mind it would be a relatively simple process for SCEE to include the charge as a part of their invoice to the receiver at AUD 20.00 and send these Free Domicile. This way we recharge K30.00 to TNT Express and there are no delays in POM waiting for payment.

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What happens with back orders?

If you order an item that is temporarily out of stock, we will back order it for you. That means you will not need to re-order it. A note will appear on your invoice stating that the item is out of stock and will be supplied when new stocks are received. You will not be billed for it until it comes in. At that point we will send it out together with an invoice. No additional freight will be charged. This does not apply to any discontinued item. If you request new items to be added to a back order, replacement request or discrepancy claim, freight will be charged for that portion of the order that is new product (ie not part of the back order).

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Is there any printed material to support online learning?

From Rosetta Stone there is a limited amount available. We will try and get more details on what is available.

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I am wondering if we do the administrating of our students or does SCEE do it?

  • SCEE will create for each school, DE or home school provider a Group within our Rosetta Stone Classroom environment. SCEE will register the learners and assign them to the schools group.
  • For each group the school or provider can nominate an administrator for that group. The group administrator will have the ability to view all learners in their group and reports for those learners. They will also be able to customise the curriculum if desired.

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What about Windows 8 tablets?

Can you explain more about the license?

  • Each license is valid for 12 months from the date the learner is registered.
  • Each license is for one student and one language.
  • SCEE has not imposed any level restrictions; each license will have access to whatever levels are available for the selected language.

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How many students per language?

There are no limits on the number of students per language. Each License is limited to one language.

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Can we buy the license now and students start next year?

Yes, they can be purchased now and activated latter. Keeping in mind that licenses from our current stock will need to be activated by a set date, please contact the distribution manager to check the current status of our stock.

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If a student buys a licence, how many levels are they allowed to complete?

As many Levels as that language has available.

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Can current students start now?

Yes, just keep in mind that the 12 months begins when the license is activated, so you might recommend that they continue using it during the holidays (it’s fun to use so that shouldn’t be too much trouble).

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What is the starting age for Rosetta Stone? High School?

Rosetta Stone can be used K-12. For younger learners the curriculum can be customised to suit by an administrator.

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Regarding A.C.E. certificate credit, if the language has more than 2 levels, will the student be given two credits?

Currently we expect that 1 Credit will be awarded per 2 levels completed. SCEE staff are still working out details for work beyond the first credit.

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Can a teacher buy a license and use it in her class and present it on the whiteboard (that’s if they are not worried about reporting)?

  • They could, although it is designed for individual learning.
  • It would not be suitable where credits for a certificate are desired.

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How do you suggest the product be used in a classroom? Any opportunity for group learning?

Each student would have a profile that they work with independently, providing tracking of the students work and results. When the class meets as a group the teacher would have a profile to use (with a customised curriculum ideally) to review and re-enforce work covered.

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We are having an inspection next year. Do you have a Scope and Sequence that we can present to the Inspectors for their approval?

How many lessons per level

Each Level is divided into 4 units, each unit consists of about 30 lessons (approximate times: core lessons 30 minutes, other lessons 5 – 15 minutes).

This is the default settings only, the content can be customised by an administrator.


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If students have a question, how can they ask it?

There is a contact support option in Rosetta Stone Classroom portal.

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If there are 5 levels in a course what school level would the final levels be? eg Grade 8 or Grade 12

While the answer to this question depends on the age a student is introduced to the language, we can assume that a typical student may commence in Year 7 or 8 – at least in terms of recording progress towards credit attainment. Such a student reaching the end of level 5 in a language should be approaching the end of level/grade 10. However, a number of variables could influence this broad outline. It is also possible for brighter students to complete the material earlier while others may continue on in their senior years.

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Can I use Rosetta Stone on my smart phone or tablet?


Rosetta Stone Course can be accessed and used on the Apple and Android platforms.

For general help with smart phone devices visit:


For Android users:


For Apple users:


In general visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Google / Android) and search for Rosetta Stone Ltd. and install Rosetta Course.

Once the App is installed on your device, and you open it up you should be presented with an option like the image bellow, you must select Enterprise and Education Learners which will provide the correct login options

Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education Learners






At the Rosetta Course Enterprise and Education Learners sign in page, enter the user name and password and then make sure that you set the Online portal to “scee”

Rosetta Course sign in dialogue









If you continue to have trouble please visit the link above that applies to your device.

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Are students allowed to refer to the Periodic Table of Elements while doing the Chemistry Pace tests?

Yes, students may refer to the chart during testing; in fact 1124 test instructs the student to refer to the table to answer the questions.

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Do the A.C.E. Word Building CD’s work with Windows 7 and 8?

A.C.E. have indicated that there will be an update to the discs, but for now a patch is available from the A.C.E. Technical Support Department. If you are trying use the Word Building CDs on either Windows 7 or 8, please email , with details of the situation and they will provide instructions to get them running.

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Does Rosetta Stone offer a parallel English translation?

Rosetta Stone uses a style of instruction called “immersion methodology”. Lessons are presented entirely in the language you are learning. There are no instructions or parallel English translations. This is a deliberate learning technique that has been adopted to help the learner adapt to the new language as quickly as possible. Millions of users worldwide have already demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in language learning. Immersion is a natural method for children and adults to learn language. As with any language program, additional aids such as direct person-to-person communication, cultural exposure, and further studies will enhance the learning experience. Prior to purchase we strongly recommend that you View the demonstrationhttp://www.rosettastone.com/k12/home/

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