Educators’ Conferences

Regional Educators’ Conferences

Regional Educators’ Conferences are aimed at all users of the A.C.E. program, including Home Schoolers

The emphasis of these Conferences is oriented towards more practical subjects, Learning Centre helps and A.C.E. Procedures. It is intended that these Conferences are held regularly in regional centres so that the majority of users will have ease of access to them. It is expected that all schools who have a service agreement with SCEE will organize their student free days so that all staff will be able to attend at least one of these Conferences per year as part of their professional development.

Dates and Locations are subject to change at SCEE’s Discretion


Papua New Guinea Conferences

Mt. Hagen 29 – 30 April

Lae 29 – 30 April 

Port Moresby 2 – 3May

Kokopo 2 – 3 May


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