A.C.E. 4th Edition and National PACEs

A.C.E. is currently updating resources for countries in our region to 4th edition. This is great news and the new PACEs look wonderful. SCEE is continuing to add to and update our nationalised resources for countries in our region.

This is great news for our entire region to see these new 4th edition and national PACEs becoming available. Unfortunately it does create some confusion as these updates come through. We only receive the new edition as A.C.E. exhausts their stock of the old product. This means that for any level, some PACEs may be the older edition and some the 4th edition. This does not cause any problems as the material covered is the same, but it does mean that you will need 4th edition keys for 4th edition PACEs.

In an effort to help our customers stay on top of these transitions, we have provided the following lists of PACEs and keys for the subjects affected. These lists contain all PACEs and keys for a subject, indicating which PACEs are 4th edition. Where a PACE is displayed as Australian, this means it is a National PACE. If these do not apply to you please check the National list for your country.

SCEE Policy for orders and new editions:

You do not need to specify 4th edition on your orders. Where a PACE has transitioned to 4th edition, you will receive it automatically. We do request that you check your orders against these lists prior to submitting your order to make sure to order 4th Edition keys where you need them. You can subscribe to the Distribution Updates email newsletter using the form to the left, to receive regular emails from the SCEE distribution departmen