Positions available: Secondary Teachers

Positions available: Secondary Teachers

Are you an enthusiastic teacher, who is focussed on the growth of your students and longs to practice your profession within a Christian worldview?
Would it inspire you to be part of a Distance Education school, providing Christian worldview education to students all over Queensland? This might be the role for you. 

About us

At Redwood College, we are focussed on providing quality distance education to our students, regardless of their circumstances or location in Queensland. 

About the role

Teaching at Redwood College is a student-focussed role, centred on assisting students to achieve success through the delivery of online classes and the provision of support at a variety of levels. While primarily working from our campus in Burpengary, there is the possibility of working partially from home to be negotiated with the successful candidate. 

  • Note that these are part-time positions, expected to consist of either 2 or 3 days per week but negotiable with the successful candidate. 
  • This role commences in January 2023.

Subjects required:

Applicants who have experience and/or training in teaching Year 7 -10 in the following subjects will be considered:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Other subjects such as Technologies and HPE will be an advantage

We also require specialist Year 11 and 12 teachers for:

  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (Biology required, others an advantage)

About the applicant

  • A passion for teaching in a faith-based school. This role requires the pastoral care and support of students, participation in chapels and delivery of Christian Studies.
  • Be able to operate as a part of a team and proactively support the culture and Christian ethos of the College.
  • Direct and support student learning through face-to-face lessons (via Zoom) and online platforms.
  • Provide support to parents/guardians.
  • Have excellent communication skills and be fluent in English.
  • Be able to support learning, and teach using online methodologies.
  • Track and report student progress and utilise our established and developing systems. Experience with Daymap will be advantageous.
  • Hold current Queensland College of Teachers registration.
  • Be eligible to work in Australia
  • Graduate teachers welcome to apply

A description of your faith journey and supporting verbal/written reference from a pastor or minister will be requested as part of the application process.

How to apply

To apply, please email Diana Trim (principal@rc.qld.edu.au)

Please ensure you include:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume
  3. Evidence of registration or eligibility for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.
  4. A brief Statement of Faith
  5. Reference contact details including one from a pastor or church leader

All applications will be treated confidentially and we will not contact your referees prior to requesting permission from you.

This position involves working with children. The appointment of successful applicants will be subject to satisfactory employment screening for child related employment in accordance with the law.
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply.

Closing date:  Wednesday 30 November 2022. 

Life After School

Imagine yourself standing in front of a signpost. There are signs pointing in nearly every direction and as you stand there, you have to make a choice about which direction you are going to take. When you are faced with this immediate and seemingly overwhelming challenge, it feels like a wrong choice can ruin your life.

This is what leaving school can feel like for a number of our students. Some of our students know exactly what they want to do when they leave school – they are going on to full-time work, tertiary study, or vocational study. They’ve stood at the signpost and made a decision. Just over half of these students will go on to do exactly as they had planned – the others will encounter setbacks, such as not being accepted into their chosen course of study, or will try their chosen pathway for a while before deciding that it really isn’t what they want to do with their lives.

Change can be wonderful. It can also be terrifying. Leaving school would have to rank as one of the biggest life changes that our students will experience. So how do we prepare them for a successful transition from the ordered world of school to the busy-bustling world of making decisions that is life after school?

One of the ways that we can help our students make a successful transition from school to life after school is to prepare them. Students can become so fixated on finishing their last test that they cannot see the bigger picture. They need us to help them see the bigger picture – leaving school is another step forward in the journey of life. By encouraging our students to think and dream about life after they have finished school and by engaging them in discussions about their fears, thoughts and dreams, we can help prepare our students for what happens next. The support and discussion is invaluable but intangible – students can’t produce the discussion they had with you to support their job application.

About two thirds of graduating students do not have a CV or resume prepared when they leave school. The one third that does have a CV or resume has one they prepared to get a part-time job in their senior years of schooling and haven’t updated it for quite some time. One of the simplest ways we can prepare our students for life after school is to equip them with the necessary paperwork for surviving the adult world. They need to know what a CV is, what a resume is but more than that, they need to have their own CV or resume prepared, ready to be used to help them achieve their goals of further study or employment.

I went searching for tools to help students prepare their CV and resumes. There was a lot of advice – much of it contradictory and often aimed at someone who has at least a little bit of work experience. I could find very few resources that helped a student fresh out of school put together their CV. I could find no resources that helped a student fresh out of school create their CV and incorporate a Biblical worldview. So we created one. We have developed a Biblical worldview resource that will help your student or child to prepare and write a CV, resume, cover letter and references. The unit covers subject matter such as online presence in social media and networking, integrity, mentoring, work experience, achievements, volunteering and extracurricular activities.

http://webstore.scee.edu.au  Order number: LAS